My Experience with Digital Masters Conference Event(DMC)

Diksha Sachan
3 min readOct 22, 2020


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We all are well aware of the facts that Sharing our knowledge is Caring for others and grasping the same is what we need to stay updated with the current trends.

If I talk about Digital Marketing, Things changes overnight and to stay updated we need to follow some very useful channels, mentors and people around us. This is so true that content is the key to revenue. It’s the most important thing you create to develop relationships. Without it, you’re just throwing darts at a moving target.

I am a traveller by passion and social media marketer by my profession and in both the cases experience plays a vital role.

One fine day in August 2020 I was surfing the Internet, and in a group, I found a link of a Mega Event called Digital Masters Conference where I saw 9 Gurus coming all together on one platform on auspicious day Independence Day. I was following almost all of them for a long time. I found it interesting and just joined it without much thinking as it was happening virtually this time due to Covid 19.

Digital Masters Conference

I was happier to know about the cause behind this event “Digital Masters Conference” an initiative taken by 9 masters in India to raise funds to fight with Coronavirus.

Digital Masters Conference

I attended the whole event from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM with 9 Masters of Digital marketing and Topics were

  1. How To Grow Your Business Using Instagram (Sorav Jain)
  2. How To Generate More Sales Using Micro Videos (Avi Arya)
  3. How Learning Sales Can Make You Rich & Free (Deepak Kanakaraju)
  4. How To Get A Million Organic Views On Your Website (Sanjay Shenoy)
  5. How I Made $500K Sitting In A Small Town (Kulwant Nagi)
  6. 9 Critical Digital Skills To Master In 2020 (Siddharth Rajsekar)
  7. How To Run Million Rupee Facebook Ads (Gopal Krishnan)
  8. How To Optimise Your Ads And Maximise Your Ad Spends (Faheem Ahmed)
  9. How To Build Virtual Teams, Outsource Work & Save Costs (Gaurav Gurbaxani)

This was enough for me to get quick bites and learn directly from India’s leading digital marketing experts and influencers who are hands-on, on cutting edge techniques.

I learnt a lot of things about Digital Marketing which I wasn't aware of before. I was really feeling satisfied and full of enthusiasm to join and connect to likeminded a community on different social media channels during the event.

Today I came to know that this conference is back, and I am really happy to announce that this conference is the incoming month that is on 15th November 2020 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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Get the inside scoop on “what’s working now” in the digital marketing world. Stay ahead of the curve and out-grow your competitors by learning from the masters.

One can ask the questions directly to the experts during the session and get immediate answers. This would be the best platform to kill all your doubts and confusions. Attending this conference will be the complete opposite of a “boring” corporate event. Get in & get inspired to take your business to new heights through a fun-filled full-day learning experience.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketing professional or an aspiring digital marketing enthusiast this is where you can get all the flavours of digital in one power-packed event.

This association of the best minds are on a mission to collaboratively impact 1 billion lives in India to rapidly grow using digital technology.

Take a step today as, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take and the decisions we waited to make.

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Diksha Sachan

Traveller by Passion and Social Media Marketer by Proffesion